Michelle Fontenot

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Michelle Fontenot

“I lost 4lbs, 6.75″ and 2% body fat in 2 weeks!”

I really want to thank Kim for opening up a wonderful gym, Body Sculptors in the Broussard area. I recently joined Body Sculptors and after my first two weeks of training I lost an amazing 4lbs, 6.75” & 2% body fat. I am a single parent and very involved in my child’s school activities. Body Sculptors has given me the ability to keep up with her schedule as well as take care of myself during my lunch hour. There is finally a gym that caters to the working class people. It has been over a month now and I am just as excited about Body Sculptors as the first day I joined.

I want to give a Special Thanks to Kim and Shawn for helping me to get back on track and taking care of myself again.


Michelle Fontenot
Broussard, LA