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Rae M

“I started going in the Slimline once a week. The results after one month are unbelievable.”

Hi, my name is Rae and I am obese.

After looking into three gyms, I joined Body Sculptors for two reasons.

1. expenses, other gyms I would have to pay extra for a personal trainer.
2. to loose weight and inches.

I am 64 years old.  Married for 46 years, we have two daughters, six grandchildren and more with blended family. In May, we will welcome our first Great Grand-daughter into our family. I also have chronic lower back and shoulder trouble.
At 5’1″ I am vertically challenged.

When I joined Body Sculptors on January 4th I could not put on a pair of socks with out Kim’s help,  My feet and hands could not meet and I was sitting down. I could not breath correctly, and needed help sitting up and getting off the tables and floor. Talk about an over weight – non flexible senior citizen. I started myself on a 1000 to 1100 calorie diet and went to work. Kim watched me close on the elliptical.  Keeping my pulse 125 or under, a challenge for me.  Between Kim and Shawn everything got better.

After a couple of weeks I wanted to loose inches, the weight I want to come off slow.  I started going in the ‘Slimline’ once a week. The results after one month are

As of today January 29, 2010 the following has happened.

  • I do one hour on the elliptical keeping my pulse around 125.
  • I can get off the floor with out crawling to a table for help.
  • I can bend over to put socks on and tie my shoes without help.
  • When I look down my boobs stick out more than my belly.
  • My saddle bags are gone.
  • You would have to ask Kim and Shawn how much more flexibility I have.
  • I have lost 4.9 pounds, 7.88 pounds of body fat, & 14.75 total inches.

Kim, Shawn & all the ladies are like a second family to me.  I get up very early everyday and am trying to do the floor exercises at home. I am stronger, feel wonderful and sleep better.

When I get to my goal weight I will be able to say.  “My name is Rae and I am old”

Thank You Kim & Shawn for everything,