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It’s all Rae’s fault! If she hadn’t been so nice to me and Joh and London (daughter and granddaughter) I’d have been able to say “no” to her invitation to come to Body Sculptors with her! But NO! She had to be nice! So I had to reciprocate! I came to exercise one day with every expectation of getting the least out of it possible! The work I did on the tables didn’t tax my knees though, so I was able to strain places that were painfully inaccessible in a standing position. Well, I did all the tables, even did the elliptical, and then I finished! The elliptical was the most difficult as my right knee didn’t bend enough for comfort here. I gritted my teeth and it loosened up shortly, to my first surprise!

Backing up some, three years ago at Christmas time, I was told that I needed total knee replacement of both knees, there being not even gristle left – bone on bone and lots of arthritis in there! I told the doctor that as long as they made Advil and Tylenol, that wouldn’t happen!!! So for three years, I have suffered with pretty constant pain, ranging from uncomfortable to excruciating, cold weather being the worst!

Back to the present…when I returned to my house from the gym, I got a “beckon” from Joh and London who live across the street. When I got half way across, I realized that my knee wasn’t hurting…at all!!! My legs felt warm, with blood moving in there! Well, if the little painless work I did at the gym could do that, I’d go back. And I did, the next day, and the next. On that third day, I joined…but I joined only for one month, knowing myself and my lack of stick-to-it-iveness! On that third day, after I committed for a month, the pain in my knee returned a little (God had known He had to be dramatic with the benefit), but it was so little that I could bear it without medicine!

After about two weeks of exercising daily, I realized that I hurt less everywhere. Reaching for my purse on the floor of my car and slinging it over my shoulder was easy now; bending down to pick up something off the floor was easy now with much more range of motion in the knees; I had more energy; I craved chocolate less…I was stronger everywhere! Since the nagging “pain” and “weakness” of my whole body was lessened, the little pain in my knee was totally bearable! They told me I was strengthening my core!

I had heard that before…the “strengthening my core thingie”…but I never realized what a benefit it was until now: at 66 years old, a good strong core is an asset! Oh, and weight and inches loss is happening, too, and that’s a wonderful lagniappe (a little extra positive result) that made my doctor happy!

I have signed up for a six-month stint and have a hunch that this will become something that I do for myself for as long as I am able! Thank you, Rae, for being so nice!

–Rita Ann Cera Tate LeDoux