Linda Guidry

Linda Guidry

Linda Guidry

Dear Kim,

I want to take a moment to express my thanks to you, Shawn and the rest of the staff at Body Sculptors. What a difference you, your staff and your program has made in my life!

When I began the program I was tired and generally not feeling well. My diabetes was getting out of control and every time I went to the doctor, the possibility of more prescriptions loomed in my future. I would crash after lunch to the point that I couldn’t see how I was going to make it through the afternoon.

I really had no idea what to do. Diet and exercise have never worked for me, there was always a reason I couldn’t stick to it. It was either boring, too much impact on my joints, too hot or too time consuming… well you get the picture.

While driving home from work one afternoon, I heard your commercial about doing a low impact program during my lunch hour. I was skeptical, but figured the worst that could happen was that I would fail again.

I started at Body Sculptors six weeks ago and was surprised when I really started to enjoy myself. With your program and your help, not only have I lost body fat and inches (11.5 overall), but my health has improved to the point that I have been able to discontinue taking cholesterol medication with my doctor’s blessing. And no afternoon drowsiness!

I am looking forward to the results I know I will experience in the future with your program and guidance.

Best regards,

Linda Guidry

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