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The AMP weight loss and wellness shot consists of B-12, B-6, and Adenosine Monophosphate (AMP). When combined, this injection is one of the most effective and safe weight loss and wellness tools on the market. These injections keep hunger at bay and stimulate fat loss so that you can achieve the weight loss you desire. Whether you are looking for serious weight loss or just want to lose those last few pounds, AMP can help. The synergistic effect of the shot plus a healthy diet and exercise works better together than either one alone.

What is an AMP Injection?

Adeosine Monophosphate (AMP) directly stimulates fat cells to use their fat stored in the form of energy. AMP increases the generation of energy at a cellular level (from fat) instead of acting as a nervous system stimulat. Clients using AMP have more energy and are less fatigue at the end of the day. Unlike many weight loss products, AMP will not make you feel nervous, antsy, or jittery.

B-12 is an important vitamin for the functioning of the nervous system and formation of blood. It is involved in the metabolism of cells of the body and fatty acid synthesis. It is also used to increase energy levels and gives a physical sense of well being. As your energy levels increase, you become more active and as a result your body will be able to burn more calories.

B-6 is needed to release energy from the foods we eat. Dieters should include B-6 to increase their metabolism. B-6 is a co-enzyme involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It also releases serotonin; which controls mood, appetite, and sleep patterns. B-6 is also responsible for maintaining a healthy immune system, protecting the heart from cholesterol deposits, and preventing kidney stone formation.

How Do I get an AMP Injection?

Call our office at (337) 330-8600 to schedule an appointment. After a consultation and determination that this is right for you, you will be weighed in and measured. You will receive three injections within the first 10 days, then a weekly injection will be administered. Tracking of weight and measurements will be followed up with. Our facility will offer the exercise needed and the nutritional advice to assist you in taking the weight off and keeping it off!